Saturday, March 17, 2007

Your Name by drtd

Oh, what a beautiful poem I stumbled across today at, a MySpace-esque social network for poets and writers, where you can submit work for peer review.

Your Name
by drtd

...when the rains come
the drumming of drops
echo the sound
of your name

...even the breeze
slow, brushing the trees
whisper so quite
your name

...when fall winds blow
the leaves then know
its time for the final dance
the tune that they hum
while skipping along
is the melody
of your name gently falls down,
snow kissing the ground
but the silence it sings
your name

...its thus that I know
as seasons come and go
one thing will remain the same heart to you
is always true
it beats to the rhythm
of your name

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